Photo's from Albuquerque

Our visit to Albuquerque June 24th through June 30th, 2001

Below are a few photo's so you can follow us on our journey. Monday through Wednesday were spent at a American Society of Engineering Educators Conference with Thursday and Friday open for touring.

Our first day touring was spent in old town Albuquerque and the Petroglyph National Monument. It was very hot but the petroglyph's were interesting.

Our Second day was to start out at the Santo Domingo Pueblo but somehow we missed our turn. We then turned on the GPS and decided to come into the Adobe from the back side. You must understand that the Adobe villages are very private but generally open to the public, but no photo's are allowed. On our wandering through the desert we came upon Tent Rocks National Monument so we took the 4.5 mile gravel road in and were awarded with the best part of the whole trip (see photo's below). It was about 98 out and we were pretty worn out after hiking 4 or so miles in the heat with very little shade. Next we continued our journey to the Santo Domingo Adobe. We arrived on a back road and turned into the village. They were apparently having some sort of ceremony and there were many Indians on horses. All the village was out and the streets were crowded. We felt uncomfortable so decided to leave when we were intercepted by the local police and were told that the village was closed to outsiders and promptly escorted us out to the highway where they had set up a roadblock to keep others out. I guess they didn't expect some crazy tourists who would be using a GPs to transverse the gravel roads into the back of their village. Hope we didn't cause any problem. We next traveled up to Santa Fe. We had visited there 11 years ago. It sure wasn't how we remembered it, but we enjoyed a short visit, some lunch and some shopping. We picked up a turquoise necklace from a Santo Domingo Indian Women named Rose who had chosen to stay away from the "secret" ceremony they were having today. The temperature was 30 degrees cooler in Santa Fe due to a thunderstorm that passed through just before we visited so it gave us a chance to cool down. Tomorrow morning we head for Cool Seattle and home sweet home.


The Convention Center

Don't have tourists - make your own

Mother and Child

Mom and Friends

Downtown Water Fountain

Painted Horse

Mom on Walk

Route 66

Local Housing

Our Rental Car

San Felipe De Neri Church

Old Town Street Traders

T-Rex and Mom

Mom and new friend (she'll talk to anybody)

Petro 1 from Petroglyph Nat Monument

Petro 2

Petro 3

Petro 4

Petro 5

Petro 6

Petro 7

Petro 8

Petro 9

Some Oregon Tourists

The Canyon as we started into Tent NHP

The Canyon narrowed as we walked

Beautiful Views awaited us

Tent Rocks

Looking down on some rocks

Finally the Top

The visita from the top

A cactus flower

The Oldest Church in America

A Guard dog in Santa Fe

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