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Mike Carpenter's '67 Cutlass Convertible

Hi, my name is Mike Carpenter, and this is "Trigger". The story goes something like this...its late 1966 and my dad and his wife were just getting on their feet enough to buy their first new car. They were very taken with the Oldsmobile's, especially the cutlass. after some persuasion, it was decided they would get the triple blue. after going to Key Oldsmobile they ordered a triple blue Cutlass convertible with am/fm radio, and cruise control. For the total delivered price of $3075, car arrived on 3-20-67. My parents are diehard romantics and for the simple reason that you couldn't sit close together in bucket seats, they did not get the supreme or 442 model. according to the ordering sheets blue was not available as a bench in supreme convertible models. I'm sure with some persuading it could have been done...

In June of 1991, I received a call from my father declaring "son, do you want the cutlass?" yes was all too easy to say when he offered to pay for me to drive it home. in three days, the car went from Wash D.C. to sunny Las Vegas. 215,000 miles and still running strong! the car was barely driven as I lived close to the college and my only real business was there. the top was getting rotten, but the body was straight and well kept all its life. after replacing the top, I slowly did a "driving" restoration, fixing things and cleaning it up a little at a time. I also added options like vacuum trunk release and air conditioning, from parts I happened to find at the local boneyard.

This winter I took it off the frame and got down and dirty. the engine is at the balancers now, and I hope to get trigger back on the road by summer. I find lots of good rust free parts here, and upgraded all the suspension with smooth steel parts. everything painted up nice. I used POR 15 on the frame and rear axle. Eastwood detail paints everywhere else. I will update the pictures when I get my engine back. everything is stock, except the SSII rims, but I've got a set of SSI on the way soon!! someday, I'll give it to my kid.

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