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Mark Stevens 1979 Cutlass Supreme Brougham

My '79 when new

When Glorene and I graduated from college in 1979, I started at Boeing as a Manufacturing Electronics Engineer and since at the time the only car we had was our '67 Cutlass, and we had two children by then, we decided it was time for a new car.  After looking at a Mazda 626 we made the wise decision to stay with an Oldsmobile (How many '79 626's do you see on the road today!).  $7450 later and we were home with our new '79.  Glorene drove this car until 1991 when I bought her a new Voyager AWD LE Van (would have been an Oldsmobile had they made an AWD Van).  I got the car to drive to work, and at that time I retired my '67 Cutlass and '69 442.  The car still looks like new today and at this rate I will probably drive it to work until I retire.  It currently has 146,000 miles on it and it still turns heads. 

It now has Enkie's and T/A's on it along with larger torsion bars and gas shocks.  The only maintainance the car has ever had other than tune-ups is a new carb, new alternator, new lifters,  a water pump, a computer module, and a radiator.  Since the engine is starting to use about a quart of oil every 1000 miles I think it is time to replace or rebuild the engine.  Besides I've been storeing my '67 320 HP 330 for just such an occasion.  I  also have a spare Turbo 400 that would be necesaary to handle the power.  It's also about time to think about rebuilding the front end as it is a bit loose on the freeway.  The car did get repainted in 1987 as a result of some chemical fallout which damaged the paint.  The damage started to resurface this last year so I painted the top surfaces again.

Here is a photo I took this September 1999 after I put new tires on

I am now running Mobil One in the engine and it seems to have smoothed it out and reduced the oil consumption quite a bit so that rebuild might just have to wait a bit longer. 
Engine: 260 CI, 110 HP Stock configuration
Transmission: Turbo 200 Automatic (Olds made)
Wheels/Tires: 14x7 Enkie Aluminum Wheels with 245x60 BFG T/A's
Rear end: 10 bolt non-limited slip, std ratio 2.29
Interior: Blue Velour split bench, Air, Cruise, Tilt, Pwr Seat, Defog, Factory stereo cassette
Performance: Really not all that bad for a 260 - the torque of a V8 helps

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