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Mark Stevens and his family's 1956 88
This Was the First Oldsmobile I Drove ( of course I was in my dads lap )

Me and the '56 in 1957

I have fond memories of this car as it was the first Oldsmobile that I ever knew.   Of course I was exactly 2 year's old when mom and dad bought it.  I can remember sitting up front marveling at how that Rocket on the hood always stayed lined up with the center line on the road and how huge that steering wheel looked.  I think it was in this car that one day coming back from Portland my brother Dennis and I were in the back seat reading the Sunday Comics when all of a sudden my mother screamed "Millard" (my dad's name) and the next thing I knew we were sliding sideways down highway 30.  When we came to a stop there was this little old lady that had pulled out smack in front of dad and stopped in the middle of our path.  She evidently decided it was now safe to move and then drove off.  My first near accident and unfortunately there would be many more to come.  I will never forget mom's scream though and my amazement today that a huge car like that could actually slide sideways at 55mph and not roll.

Some day to my wife's chagrin, if I can ever find one, I shall own one of these.  You see my wife learned to drive in a 1955 Olds 88 and couldn't hardly see over the hood.  This was in the days of 442's, Cuda's and GTO's and she hated being seen in it.

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