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Mark Stevens and his Families 1950 Rocket 88

This Was Our First New Oldsmobile

My mom with the '50 in Mt. Rainier National Park about 1953

Me and my mom at Cannon Beach Oregon with the '50 in about 1955

You will notice a common theme about the photo's my father took of his cars.  They all had people on the hood.  My mom was the focus of his interest most of the time, but I was so cute that I managed to get in the above shot with my mom.

Of course I don't remember this car as I was only 2 years old when we traded it in on a new '56 88 but it was my families first new Oldsmobile.  Prior to this we had a '39 (I think) that was an old taxicab.  Dad evidently had to have the hottest car around so he picked up this beautiful coupe.   This is one Olds I would really like to collect.  In it's time it was arguably the fastest car made.  The title was a contest between the Rocket driven 88 and the Hudson Hornet, but if my history serve's me correctly the Olds was a tad faster.  If any readers out there have any good '50 photo's please send them in.

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