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Mark Stevens and his Families 1941Oldsmobile

This Was Our First Oldsmobile

 I finally found a photo of our first Oldmobile and guess what. It wasn't a '39 as I had assumed. It was a 1941. The photo above shows Pop putting some water in the radiator as the original engine liked to overheat. The photo below was one I took at this years Olds Picnic of Gary Harkness's '41 who just happened to be driving by our picnic.

When my father returned from Japan in 1946 ( after serving with the US Army as part of the occupation forces there) he needed a car.  Cars were hard to come by and so he had to settle on buying a used 1941 Oldsmobile Taxi Cab.  Right after he bought the car the engine went south.  After some negotiating with the local Olds dealer he got a fresh engine installed.  Mom and dad kept the '41 until they bought the '50.

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