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The Seattle Roadster Show
(or should I say the Chev/Ford Show)

Yesterday I took some time to drive into Seattle to see the Seattle Roadster Show at the Exhibition Center.  There were hundreds of custom cars there.  Roadster is a misnomer as there were all types of vehicles there.... except that there was not one single OLDSMOBILE.  In fact the majority of the cars were Chevy's or Ford's and to make it worse they were mostly made up of the smae years.  Lots of 32, 34 and 41 Fords.  Lots of Mustangs and Cameros but surprisingly not many Vette's.  Even though I was dissapointed there were no Olds there I did see a lot of nice paint jobs.   Below are a few thumbnails of some of the cars I liked.

The view from above


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