Dedicated to Oldsmobile's Everywhere

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Photo's of some of Rocket Pages Oldsmobile's


Carolyn, Glorene and Mt.

Carolyn and Mt. Rainier

The '67 in Mt. St. Helens Ash

The '67 on the Dyno

67olds.jpg_t.jpg (14720 bytes)
The '67 in the field below the house

sld_00004.jpg_t.jpg (6270 bytes)
The '67 below the house

sld_00008.jpg_t.jpg (8144 bytes)
The '67 at college

The '69 442 today

69 442 in '77 after new paint

The 442 just after painting

69 442, 77 and '67 Cutlass

The '79 today

The '79 a few years ago

79drivewaythmb.jpg (12470 bytes)
The '79 in the driveway 1999

sld_00007.jpg_t.jpg (7718 bytes)
The '79 when it was new

The Diesel

Grandma's LSS 88

An Old's Lineup

The '69 Delta 88 in the snow

97oldsy.jpg_t.jpg (23622 bytes)
The '97 in mom's yard

97oldsz.jpg_t.jpg (21918 bytes)
The '97 in mom's yard

67cuta.jpg_t.jpg (15006 bytes)
'67 in Walla Walla

sld_00004.jpg_t.jpg (6270 bytes)
'66 442 when I got it

66thmb.jpg (6747 bytes)
'66 442 after paintingI

Photo's of some of our non-Oldsmobile's

Our '38 Dodge

'91 Voyager AWD at River
nitro001.jpg_t.jpg (15123 bytes)
Nitro at Rest
nitro003.jpg_t.jpg (12725 bytes)
Nitro coming at Ya

Michaels Neon Sport

'91 The day we bought it

The Family Motorhome "Mogo"

Our '74 Datsun
38guage.jpg_t.jpg (13153 bytes)
The '38's Speedo 62K miles
sld_00003.jpg_t.jpg (6839 bytes)
The '38 as I found it in a barn

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